Our Approach

Rhinestone Media & Publishing: The – small – company addresses three target groups:

  • Entrepreneurs: We build bridges (writing, ghost writing, media work, consulting, events) for SMEs and NPOs to the media. Worldwide.
  • Enthusiastic Readers: We publish very selected and as yet little-known authors on the subject of “biography”, as a novel & non-fiction book. Worldwide.
  • and Media (Newspapers, TV, Radio, Internet): Based on our core themes, we offer qualified texts (Writing & Ghost Writing) based on decades of experience. Worldwide.

For international (or foreign language) users, parallel German-language platforms are being developed under: RHINESTONE MEDIA SWITZERLAND.

Three Plattforms

In the coming months (as of early summer 2019), we are trying to set up three small platforms for “self-service”. Of course this has its limits: where services can only be provided in person (example: ghost writing), you can only initiate the process by yourself. But to finalize it (“provide service”), we finally have to work together, preferably in person.

These three platforms (each one of Rhinestone’s three service areas) are:

  • Rhinestone-Connex (as a bridge between SMEs and NPOs to the media, for the time being in German. English may follow as we proceed)
  • Rhinestonemedia (as a journalistic and consulting service for editors and media, both in German, but from the beginning with an additional emphasis on English as a second language) and finally
  • Rhinestone Publishing (as an offer for thoughtful and dedicated “Enthusiastic Readres”, first in German, but soon in English, as well.