Editor. Publisher. Writer.

Yes, “mmn” is our site admin and main author. His primary roles are:

Editor. Publisher. Writer. 

His fields of editorial work are

  • Information & Communication Technologies
    • three decades experience in managing IT developments & electronic production (telecommunications)
    • several years experience in teaching details of application software (university level)
  • Micro-/Macro Economics
    • seven years teaching experience (university level) in micro-/macro economics …
    • … including financing & liability questions in financial consulting
    • additional university degree in energy technology, even as a vital role to politics today
  • Philosophy & Religion
    • intensive knowledge of Christian traditions, their Jewish contributers and of Greek and medieval philosophy.
    • M.A. in philosophy (Germany & UK)
  • History & Cultures
    • profound knowledge of and true passion for the extremly important role of a “historic consciousness” in forming and maintaining cultural identity.
  • Music & Musical Performance
    • university degree also in musicology, practising a series of instruments
    • he has experience in the organization of literally several thousands of what might be described as “cultural events”, including musical performances
  • Portraits: Artists, Outstanding Individuals, Politicians
    • the author has an intensive addiction to the subject of biographies, both historic and contemporary.
    • having worked as an event organizer for more than a decade, he encountered numerous exeptional people, most of them with unique personalities
  • Literature & Biographies
    • see the above

The author “mmn” writes in English and in German. He is also well acquainted with a few other languages he uses “every now and then”, including Italian, French and Latin, if needs be. Music & nature (“the wild side”) are his hobbies.